Company Profile

Haining Meikang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Haining Meikang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Haining Economic and Technological Development Zone and is a professional pre-filter OEM/ODM supplier.

The company originated in water treatment, focusing on water treatment. Based on years of accumulated technology and experience in the industry, the company later established the "Meikang" brand household water processor business unit, dedicated to the development, production, and sales of various household waterway protectors. The company specializes in domestic multi-functional waterway protector products, which meets China's water quality and has the best waterproof hammer design. It is used for municipal tap water home main pipes and terminal water purifiers.

The company has a full set of personnel and equipment, from the development and design of molds to the processing and manufacturing of molds, from the production of injection molding to the surface treatment of plastic parts and other one-stop services. We can customize products for customers to meet their various needs, and Has been a product processing supplier of many well-known companies in the industry.

Meikang takes "purity, health, science and technology" as its concept and "concentrate on making products and serving with heart" as its purpose. Adhere to quality, pursue health, pay attention to the future of water, and is willing to develop with more companies and customers, make progress together, and create a future for water!

development path
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